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We tap the sky for the finest bottled water on Earth

The future of drinking water is here. Made in the Masafi Mountains, SOURCE UAE is a premium drinking water created from sunlight and air. Sustainable. Local. Renewable.

We tap the sky for the finest bottled water on Earth featured image
We tap the sky for the finest bottled water on Earth featured image

Perfect drinking water made from sunlight and air

We sustainably tap the sky for the finest drinking water on Earth. Powered by the sun and pulled directly from the endless supply of water in the air, SOURCE UAE is produced using sustainable technology to create the most renewable drinking water on the planet.

Starts pure, stays pure

Mineralized for health

Sustainably sourced

Premium taste

Meet the Hydropanel

Makes, stores, and dispenses clean, mineralized water

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  • Air to Water Sun Icon

    Uses the power of the sun to extract pure water vapor from the air

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    One-of-a-kind renewable water technology

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    Cloud-connected for monitoring and optimization

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    Self-contained, off-the-grid system

SOURCE UAE is produced using Hydropanel technology, which incorporates multiple patented inventions alongside proprietary trade secrets, making it a one-of-a-kind renewable water technology. Hydropanels use the power of the sun to extract clean, pollutant-free drinking water from the air. Collected water is then mineralized for ideal composition and taste.

Water on a mission

Buy Water

For each and every liter of SOURCE UAE bottled water purchased

Give Water

One liter of water is donated
locally to communities in need

We believe quality drinking water should reach every person and every place. With every liter of SOURCE UAE bottled water sold, SOURCE and Masafi will donate equivalent funding to build community water farms across the GCC to provide people living in water-stressed areas with the same premium water found inside our bottle.

Through this program, conscious consumers play a part in elevating communities and creating a lasting change by not just providing a drink for a day, but by establishing a resilient source of water for years to come.

  • MASAFI and SOURCE share a common goal: to bring consumers perfect, renewable drinking water that is healthy for people, safe for communities and sustainable for the planet.
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In 1977, Masafi was the first company in the UAE to bottle natural water from underground wells and make it available for everyone to enjoy. As a pioneer of deep water, Masafi champions the sustainability movement in the UAE and is taking the nation to global stage. Known as the region’s most historic story of homegrown success, the company’s mission is to ensure a brighter tomorrow by creating a fresh new world of natural goodness and personal care. Supporting local communities across the Middle East is another key goal.

Dominated by bold thinking, a dynamic spirit and a relentless commitment to world-class products and experience development, with technology at the heart the company also prides itself as a market leader and innovator. It is constantly diversifying its product portfolio while extending into the essentials of everyday life. Today, the company delivers the finest range of pure water, juices, tissue papers and anti-bacterial essentials.


91% of the materials used to build our Hydropanels are mass bulk-recyclable

Where is SOURCE UAE bottled?

By using Hydropanel technology, which can capture water even in the driest environments on earth, SOURCE UAE is produced and bottled locally in the beautiful and arid Al Hajar mountains.

How is SOURCE UAE good for the planet?

SOURCE UAE drinking water is harvested directly from the abundant water vapor in the air using solar power and renewable technology. SOURCE UAE drinking water is then bottled in recyclable glass packaging making it the most sustainable water on Earth – inside and out.

What makes SOURCE UAE water unique?

Made sustainably from the sun and sky, SOURCE UAE is made with pure water vapor and is enhanced with the perfect balance of minerals to create the cleanest drinking water with a crisp, refreshing taste.